Can I give a tenant just 1 weeks notice

Hi all, I gave my tenant a fixed term tenancy for 12 months in April 2015 for monthly rent. This of course expired and we did did not renew so they automatically acquired a “statutory periodic tenancy”. The tenant now pays WEEKLY and has for at least the last 2 years.

The OpenRent article by Tessa Shepperton suggests that as the fixed term has ended and the rent is now paid weekly then the notice period is also weekly.

I don´t think my tenant wants to leave and so I want to ensure I ask them to leave correctly and in a manner that does not cause delays.

Any advice greatly received.



Hi g113, if you’re serving a S21 notice then the minimum notice period is 2 months.

If you’re serving a S8 notice, then the period depends on the grounds being used.

If you are making a mutual agreement with the tenant to end the tenancy, then you can agree whatever you both like, but make sure it’s written down and agree to!