Can I now find a place to rent whilst on furlough?

I’m coming up to the end of my tenancy contract in 2 months and have to decide whether to stay on or leave. It is a worry now the prospect of looking for a place to rent whilst been placed on furlough and also living on savings. How willing are landlords to rent to me?

I have paid rent in advance of 6 months where I’m currently living. It is small and suffers with damp. With everything so precarious for a lot of people and there being not much leeway for people who are freelance or on zero hours contracts, feel a bit stuck. I understand that landlords need to cover their mortgages and other expenses.

not all landlords have mortgages, I have none so I keep my rents below market rates. Each case will be judged on its merits I hope


Nothing to stop you testing the waters by replying to a few ads. I wouldn’t give notice until youve been formally offered a tenancy though. (after referencing).