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Credit checks as bern on furlough

When i was still in furlough then my Homophobia landlady has told me the property is up for sale so I need to find a new place to rent but there a problem furlough has ducked up my credit score and when you give agents 6 pay slips it say furlough £200 a week and I had to get an iva out for my bills so now trying to find a plave is Useless as the kick in the ball i got turned down gor a house that let’s dss. I told landlord o make more in a week then he asling for in rent bit still nothing evan with a A garentor. So im stuck no way out

this is tough. Wont you be out of furlough soon?

Good luck and hopefully find a property to rent soon who would accept housing benefit. As any with the job can loose job as not security in some of the jobs.

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Out now back to 55hr away but still no good as everyone observed by credit checks. I make take home over 600 aweek but not good enough

£600 a week seems very good to me . You are not being treated fairly. Keep on trying

Im not as i evan tried a house in Driffield it says dss welcome and pets but I got told I did not pass the reference checks

Im not on benefits I work for a liven

Your income is very good. Mine and my friends have flats but in south