Can landlords charge for electrical checks

Can anyone tell me whether landlords should be charging the tenants for the electrical checks? We are about to start renting a property from 1 Sept which hasn’t been let before. The landlord wants to charge us for the EPC, gas service and safety certificate, carbon monoxide sensors etc. From what I’ve read, this doesn’t seem right.

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It is not allowed to charge for these things. If they are trying to do this beware, I wouldn’t bother if I were you

Would you expect to pay for the MOT and a new set of brake pads for a car you want to rent from Hertz? Figure that one out and you’ve answered your own question.

You definitely don’t have to pay for these. I assume that all the things that you list (caron monocide sensors etc) are already in place? I wouldn’t make an offer for a property which has yet to install these, especially if you don’t know the EPC rating you won’t know what the running costs might be.
But if they try to charge you for these things, they might make more trouble in the future. Maybe look somewhere else? Have you already paid a holding deposit or even moved in?

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sounds to me as if you can t trust this landlord…all these landlord expenses are paid for thru the rent you pay… . As a landlord calculates all the property costs and fixes the rent accordingly