Cannot see my reference check

I have had a reference check done and is complete, however I can’t see it !?!

It seems very wrong that a landlord who could ‘really be anyone’! can see my reference check and yet I cannot even though I paid for the privilege of it being done.

Can someone please explain why this is the case and is this even legal with data protection laws?

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This is an old enquiry and so try will keep it short.

  1. Yes, perfectly legitimate.
    2 In expressing an interest in a property /giving permission for references, the referencing service is for the client to ascertain relative risk based on track record. The agency’s ‘client’ is the landlord, not the applicant
  2. If you want to see your own reference you can either employ the referencing agency directly or ask the landlord if they would be happy to send you a copy of the report.
    They have no obligation whatsoever to oblige. As a landlord, I would suggest not accommodating such a request where a landlord has decided not to proceed, irrespective of whether the agency recommended a ‘decline’ or ‘accept.’ This is because it would almost inevitably mean to demands for why you have rejected them. No reason need be given and you set yourself up for a time consuming, utterly pointless stream of angry exchanges.
  3. You make the point a landlord ‘could be anyone.’ So could you as tenant applicant. Thus the enquiries. But it is you that wants a stranger to lend to you a very valuable commodity and one which, presumably you can’t own yourself.

Peter B
Member NLA

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