Referencing details insufficient

I have just had the referencing reports back for my prospective tenants and they both passed but I am not happy with the lack of detail shown regarding their income & rent payments. I want the tenants to verify their income with P60’s and dividend certificates. Would rentguard have obtained these as part of their referencing or can I ask for these direct? When I do my own referencing its the first thing I ask

you own the property. you can ask anything. If they do not want to answer, you do not want them



Yes as Colin said ask any questions you like and also I always do a basic general checks online.

Just wanted to say friend of mine is a first time landlord and gave a property to an agent recommended by a friend.
Agent found a tenant and tenant said he wanted contract under his name. Agents did reference check by themselves eg pay slips, income statements, etc
But once it was agreed and deposit, 1st month tent paid and contract signed and keys were given to him.
Then asked that he wanted his wife on tenancy as 2nd tenant and gave a copy of contract.
We send email and cancelled the first contract asked to do reference check of his wife and then after references etc tenancy contract date can changed. Since we noticed so many things were wrong.
Then the tenant just decided to move in property at at night that by breaking the door with his two children.
Police was called and said it’s civil matters.

So in simple words I just wanted say that if you got any doubts about references please take your time and do ask many questions as you like.
Please note if the tenant is genuine he will tell you the truth and also no hesitation of giving any evidence and answers your questions.


These referencing companies are a disgrace. I have had them call me for a reference of a previous Tenant and they ask virtually nothing of importance. They did not even ask if the person had ever been in arrears with their rent!

Don’t rely on them, do your own referencing.


Yes, I’m not impressed with the referencing. Luckily I don’t rely totally on the references and do some of my own research too but unfortunately you have to show they passed referencing to get guarantee/legal insurance.
I find it bizarre though that you don’t get to see what the potential tenants have sent and have to rely on an analysis which is at best pretty basic.


I agree they have to pass reference to get RGI, I dont see how it matters what the reference companies have accepted as long as the RGI is in place, at the end of the day you will be protected by their policy. PS even though I have had no claims my RGI policies have tripled,any reasonable RGI companies out there ?

You Landlords or Agents shouldn’t ask Tenants to give you all their details!
Never heard or GDPR?
From a Data Protection Policy perspective, it is very dangerous nowadays to send or even only tell strangers your data.
Tenants should give you only the strictly necessary details.
It would be very unfair to refuse to rent if they passed the checks just because you believe you can ask more data: please don’t pretend to be a police officer :joy:
The Companies they work for can’t tell you their salary or dividends because f they do is a breach!
Please ask yourself if YOU would give all your precious data to strangers first!!!