Can't find property listing

I listed a house for rent yesterday.

My profile says the advert is live but I can’t find it using a different browser searching as if I were a renter.

Is there a lag time for it to show?

3 bed bungalow in UB4 area.


It looks like your property was added to OpenRent late last night, and approved earlier this morning. You should have confirmation of this by email, along with more detail on when to expect the property to appear in searches / on the portals / etc.

Essentially, after approval, this can take a few hours due to portal update times / search caches / etc.


I am having a similar problem; the dashboard says the listing is live but couldn’t find it on any portal including OR.
Wish the dashboard doesn’t say it’s live when it’s not.

It can take several hours to filter down to portals, once the ad is approved by OR staff. It’s usually within 24 hours but can be longer sometimes.

Thanks Mark.
My listing is finally live now.

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