Capped off meter and AST

What should I do in this scenario;

Current tenant has never paid gas bill, as a result gas board capped off the meter.
The tenant does not want gas on.
There is a gas boiler and a gas cooker in situation. (Electric oven).
I need to issue a new AST as tenant has moved in girlfriend (I am relieved about as she is more responsible and easier to contact). I want new AST with her as permitted occupier.
The issue comes down to the need for a gas safe cert.
Can I get them to sign something to say the gas meter is capped off and they prefer this and will advise me should they ever wish to have this uncapped etc? What removes the need for having a gas cert?

So your tenants live without hot water and no cooker? That’s not great.

I would give notice and find other tenants.

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Oven and microwave and electric shower.
Gym fanatics who work long hours.
Its not practical to give notice yet.
No rent missed in 3 years.

I really want to make sure I’m doing it as I should in regards to gas cert.

You dont necessarily need to issue a new AST and I wouldnt. She won’t acquire tenancy rights and as you didn’t choose or reference her that’s probably best. She will just be a guest.

If they’re not heating the place, you will get damp. If he owes money to the gas board, how long before he owes money to you?