Care company wanting rental for LD clients

Any advice would be appreciated. Been approached by a care company which has a contract with the local council to find accommodation for clients with mild learning disability.It is a three bed detached property and there will be two clients who will be supported by live in carers 24/7.These are non complex clients and though the council pays the rent ,the AST will be with the tenants directly. Care company will provide the carers, manage the property and reimburse for any damages or maintenance. I have never done anything like this and only let to private tenants previously. Any advice regarding potential problems would be appreciated. Trying to do due diligence and not get carried away by the guaranteed rent. I am looking into potential future issues like eviction pitfalls, insurance ,rental arrears ect. Many thanks.

This question comes up practically weekly. Google rent to rent problems for a more complete answer.

do not do it . do not do it

Do not do it!! They (council or anyone else involved in the care of tenants) won’t look after your property.

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