Supported living

Hi, has anyone got any experience of renting out a property to a care company who offer supported living to vulnerable young adults?

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you really are not considering this are you? This is fraught with danger for obvious reasons


I wanted to find out the advantages/disadvantages. Never considered this being an option until i received an enquiry recently

What a negative reply!! There are vulnerable people out there who desperately need housing, from the homeless to victims of abuse, with the lack of council housing & the costs of private rentals you would be providing safe support to these young vulnerable people.

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I have a young brother with Asperger’s which is a mild disability, he cannot get a flat anywhere & the local council are not supporting him because he is still living in our late fathers house who sadly passed away last year so he is not regarded as a priority, So we cannot sell the house Until he has moved out!! and got a place to live, The council simply advised us Not to sell the house to avoid making him homeless and to look for Private Rentals! What a joke! The Council don’t care about Venerable people & where they are supposed to go! And going through an Estate Agent is vertically impossible with the cost of rentals &deposit requirements, their not interested in tenants on universal credit or the Lord Mayor deposit Scheme’s, it’s Discrimination!!

Landlords are not there to give support ,it is the responsibility of the Local au,thority and we know this will not be forthcoming, wether the individual is disabled ,a victim or an offender. Your brother will be better off where he is under your loving care and guidence and the house not being sold.


Just for info.
Whilst we were buying one of our properties, we noticed that the house next door was undergoing a renovation.
We got friendly with the owner and he told us he had let the house to a third party who provided homes for vulnerable people and the young lad only lived in it 2 weeks before making and lighting a fire in the lounge solely because he was cold, not malicious.
His insurance co refused the claim and he had to pay out of his own pocket for repairs.


i have heard similar stories in the past

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It doesn’t sound as though you care either! Why is it everyone else’s responsibility but not yours? He’s your vulnerable brother. Unbelievable.


Now now Mr T. there is money involved here … Wink. Wink… It used to be said about me by my friends. “Colin you say what we think.” I pass that mantle to you . ,with my compliments


Yes, don’t do it, without an independent private guarantor. The council or support workers will not guarantor them. Once you’ve signed them up, believe me you’ll be on your own.


So you want to make private landlords personally responsible for the governments failings…??

That’s what the benefits system is there for, which us landlords already contribute towards in our taxes.

If you’re so concerned about these people, and in particular your Brother, stand guarantor for him. Or is that too much of a risk for you…??, but never mind the landlords…!! Unbelievable…!!


Hi Colin, yes you are right as always, and you said all that needed to be said very diplomatically!

It just sounded rather selfish and my response was a knee jerk one, but I don’t know the full facts.

Everyone wanting their own individual residences, whilst that may be ideal, if people could find a way to help look after their vulnerable, it would free up a lot of property and help aid the shortages for people who really do not have anyone.

Some cultures seem better at that than others.

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Unbelievable!! What a posh idiot!

What a ridiculous & ignorant comment! Of course we care about our brother otherwise I wouldn’t be writing on here asking for help !!!duh. It is the Council & Local Authority who are denying their responsibilities to provide suitable housing for him as a “Venerable adult “ not the family! There is such a thing called Supported Housing for people with disabilities clearly you haven’t heard of it. The council are simply fobbing us off. And you are clearly an idiot!

Believe me I would guarantor for him if I could meet the requirements as a single mum! Unfortunately I don’t earn upto £26-£30k per yr to be a guarantor!!