Renting to a care company?

Hi All,

So, I have a bungalow available to rent. One potential tenant is a care home owner who wants the house for his clients.

If I was to let the property to this chap, would it be considered a commercial lease in which case it would involve full maintenance and repair for him? Is it a standard AST? Does anybody have any knowhow or advice?

Thanks in advance

It would be a company tenancy and you would need to source a company let contract and take legal advice as you may lose any consumer rights over unfair terms.

Im not clear what the arrangement would be between this company and the actual occupants. If they have a tenancy agreement with them then it would be rent to rent and not something I would ever recommend. Google “rent to rent scam” to learn more. Also take a look at this video of housing lawyer David Smith on company lets.

what sort of clients vunerable people , ex crims , offenders , hard to let tenants ? do not do it

In addition to David122 comment, your Landlord insurance probably not for commercial so you might need to change that, too.

This is the video I mentioned. Seven things to watch out for with Company Lets - YouTube

Thanks for all the above. I think I’m going to steer well away!

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