Introducing: Monthly Rent Collection

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Today, we’re really proud to announce the launch of our new monthly rent collection service. It’s totally free – with no monthly or initial charge – and available to anyone with a current or future tenancy created using our Rent Now service. We’ve built it – and made it free – because we want Rent…


What a brilliant idea - well done guys.


I notice that OpenRent won’t allow a change of rent date even if successfully negotiated between landlord and tenant without a modification to the OpenRent contract, and sends out overdue notices each day the rent is “late”. Can it please be confirmed that OpenRent will not be reporting “late” rent payments to credit reporting agencies due to their refusal to allow a realistic rent date modification solution?

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for posting.

As you’ve mentioned, our contract requires that the rent payments are made on or before the tenancy start date on a rolling monthly basis. So for example if the tenancy starts on the 20th of any given month, the rent payment is due on or before 20th of each month. This is to ensure there is a clear period to the tenancy, so that the notice period is clear.

The issue you’ve identified is that the rent collection due date is based off the contract.

At this time we do not report late rent payments to credit agencies. We are currently looking into how we can better support the rental situation you’ve described as part of Rent Now - as part of our ongoing service improvements.

Hope that helps!

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Great idea. Another good one would be a local sales rep in every area who can do property viewings and act as a caretaker fixing small jobs for a reasonable monthly fee. This would work much better than the expensive letting agents in high streets with their overheads, especially if local rep is resident of the neighbourhood. Or alternatively partner with high street letting agents but manage them so they provide a better service. Landlords who can’t attend to properties will be happy with this service.

Hi Sam,

Could you please add a feature of downloading “Rent Schedule” in PDF format from this screen with rent payment history and relevant tenancy details populated?

This will help landlords when they have to provide Rent Schedule to external parties e.g. Rent Guard while reporting rent non-payment by tenant. The landlords can generate required document with a click of a button.


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Hi @Sam

I noticed I’ve been deducted £10 for Monthly rent collection on a fairly new tenancy. I’m sure I used the Ultimate Package and my understanding is that rent collection by Openrent is included in this? Just to add, I’ve not been charged rent collection previously and I don’t see any of my other “older” tenancies. Please advise?


Hi Mita, Sorry for the slow reply – I wasn’t working last week.

If you contact us here then our team will be able to look into your account details and see what has happened here.