Changing the rent collection date

I have a tenant starting on the 18th of Feb (and pay the 20 days to the end of the month) and subsequently wants the normal monthly rent date to be the 1st of the month after the first 20 day payment.
So can we use the OpenRent AST document and rent collection facility to accomodate this?
Many thanks in advance for any suggestions/work arounds.

Hi, As long as the rent is paid before the due date, then the tenant will not receive any late-payment communications or be chased for the rent via our rent collection service.

E.g. the due date may by be the 18th of each month. For the first month, they can pay on 18th. Then for the second rental period, they can pay 11 to 13 days (depening on the month) after their initial payment, so that they pay on the first day of the next calendar month. Becuase they money has still been paid before the due date of the 18th, everything should be fine.

The tenant can pay at whichever date on the month they wish, so in theory no changes to the AST would be required as far as I understand what you’ve said. Let me know if I’ve missed something.

Additional info here:


Many thanks Sam.
That has helped me with my decision and move forward with it.
kind regards