Changing Hob gas to electric including worktop


I am in the middle of a renovation of the kitchen where everything is dated old worktop and old gas hob. End result is old worktop with gas hob changed to new worktop with electric hob, but not sure if my plan is the best plan. Any suggestion helps!.

So I got an order for a electric hob from curry’s 90 quid for removing gas and install electric hob.

Has anyone got experience with that?

what I am thinking is it might need a bit of a planning, first of all i need to get the new worktop cut and ready to fit electric hob in, so when Curry’s come they disconnect and take away the gas hob i will need to immediately take off the old worktop and put the ready cut new worktop on for them to put the electric hob on and do the hardwiring. Because they only come once can’t come twice is that correct?

ideally though it would be perfect have one day disconnect my gas hob and i get sometime to get the new worktop settle in locking with all the cabinet etc. and then they come again with the elec hob installation.

Any suggestion helps!

The order is obvious. you need to get the gas hob disconnected, then install the new worktop, then install the new hob.

As to how you go about this depends on your skills, and the skills of your contractors. Curry’s (I would expect) will just be quoting to remove & install into the same bit of worktop.

Personally, I’d imaging getting my gas man in, then the kitchen fitter in, then the gas man in.,

oh just to clarify i am doing my own kitchen renovation so i can cut it myself and just fit it in no problem. so i was thinking if this is the only way. looks like it is. otherwise need to get the installer separately

A word to the wise, Dave. It is illegal to disconnect your gas hob yourself. It must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered plumber. Secondly, Curry’s appliance installers are as fickle as they get. ANY excuse they can dream up not to install the hob they will find one. Believe me! My advice, get a trust worthy electrician in to assess whether you have an adequate electric supply for your new hob. Typically hobs are 7kW. They must be installed on a 32A rated circuit. Unless you have one you won’t be able to install it and Curry’s will just walk away. They will only be prepared to literally attach the circuit cable to the hob, nothing else, so £90 to do that is a rip off. You are best to get an electrician to do it and ask Curry’s to just deliver it. That way there is no pressure to get it ready the same day either. Forget asking Curry’s. As I said they wont help you with anything outside a simple connection.


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