Replacing Gas hob with Induction yourself?

Hi All!

I just want to figure out how people generally getting this done.

So, is it right that you can’t do it yourself completely? e.g. you need a gas engineer to disconnect gas first, then you need someone else to remove gas hob. after that you need someone else to come in and install the induction hob and if you don’t have a hardwire connection in place then you need another person electrician to do it? am I right?

gas engineer to cap off the pipe to hob, they need to check for leak after work, they will remove hob too. Its a doddle. If you have a regular socket you can just plug a 13 amp induction hob into it. Personally, i would have a 32amp version wired into a 32amp dedicated circuit so that all 4 rings can heat at full heat at same time, 13amp is restricted and heat is reduced on each ring. Having said that i would go halogen as any pots and pans will work with it.

Dont need electrician to plug into an existing socket, though you do ideally for new circuit and hardwiring if your knowledge is limited. Don’t chance doing yourself if unfamiliar.

thanks mark! that is really helpful! do you know roughly how much it cost to do that cap off gas, check leak and take the gas hob away?

as for hardwire, are we able to split it? i know there is a hardwire place at the extractor hood and that’s it.

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Cap off and test, i just paid £45 for that job (West Mids). Leave the hob out for scrap man if you have one. The electrics you will need separate advice on i’m afraid, you need to ensure the cabling is sufficiently rated and the hob must be fused or correctly rated mcb.

May have to cut countertop hole wider to allow new hob to fit.

hood will likely be on a much lower rating only a glorryfied fan, can be 5 amp .Hob can not be wired into that .

You must use a qualified gas engineer for removal of the gas hob and safety testing, ensure you receive a receipt for this work and file it, should there ever be a serious problem your insurance will request proof of installation.
With the induction hob, I have just read the guarantee and it does state very clearly part of the conditions are “A suitably qualified professional has installed the appliance.” ok you are only plugging into a 13amp socket but has the socket been safety tested, again any serious problems and you will be asked for proof of installation. don’t cut corners it is not worth it.

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