Gas to electric oven

Hi - my tenants changed the oven in the property from gas to electric. The gas had to be disconnected and electrics installed. This was done with my full consent.

Do I need to do a new gas inspection? Or a new electrical inspection? Or can I just wait for the year to pass (gas) and 5 years to pass (electric, assuming the tenants do not change)?

would really appreciate some advice



get a new certificate for oven so it was registered and done by a competent person

ok - the tenants said that they got a proper electrician in to do the work, and they say that they can provide the paperwork. Do you still think I should get an inspection done?

If it was me I would
This is your property and if there was an eventuality your insurers would not cover you
Electrics are the remit of the landlord
I would not permit my tenants to change something ref gas water electrics
I would do it and pass on charges

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okay thanks for the advice , I’ll get it done

I would not have allowed them to do this. Are they going to pay to have the gas put back into the property before they leave?

I would renew both certifications and would not rely on any documentation provided from the tenants.

do youmean there is no gas appliances there at all.? Has the gas meter been taken out?

You dont need another EICR certificate, (assuming you already have a valid one) as long as you retain written evidence that the installation was carried out by an appropriately qualified electrician.

My understanding is that you will continue to need gas safety certificates unless the gas has been capped off outside the property. You should check this point.

When my tenants wanted extra sockets in the house, I agreed, but told them that they had to use my electrician.

That would always be my condition for anything electrical that a tenant wanted to do. That way, I know it’s been done by a competent electrican and will be properly certified.


Hi - thanks for all your replies. I’m an absent landlord , and my tenants have (so far) been really good. They asked whether they could switch to electric and I was fine with it. The tenants brought in qualified people to carry out the works. But I admit that it is now, as an after thought, that I’m wondering whether I need to do the gas safety check / electrical checks again. Reading the comments posted here I’m thinking of siding with caution and getting it done.

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In my experience, being an absent landlord with no local management doesn’t work. I suggest you try to arrange something more permanent locally.