Changing terms when requesting holding deposit

Hi, I’m a first time user of Openrent and I’m hoping to secure my first tenant. We have negotiated some different terms to those stated in the advert.

Now that I have requested the holding deposit from him he says that they terms are not what we agreed, I wasn’t asked to provide terms at this stage so wasn’t aware this would come through.

Can anyone let me know how I change the terms now that I have sent the request for holding deposit?

Thank you

Hi Alice,

If you have agreed terms (or custom clauses as we call them) in writing, then you can add them to the OpenRent AST at the contract signing stage of Rent Now.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to how this works.

To speak to your immediate situation, the presence of a written agreement between you both about the custom clauses you have agreed means that you can take those custom clauses to be agreed, and to be added at the contract signing stage of Rent Now.

If it helps you persuade the tenant to place the holding deposit, then you can show them this: If the custom clauses have been agreed in writing and the landlord then reneges on this written agreement after the deposit is placed, then the tenant can usually expect the holding deposit to be returned to them in full.


Thanks Sam, that helps