Changing two words in contract

My prospective tenants want to add two words to the standard contract. OpenRent doesn’t let me edit the main body of the contract. Any ideas how to get round this?

I could possibly use the function that lets you add clauses, to make new ones that override the two in question?!

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What do they want to add ?


Yes, if you draft your own clause with the same number and make clear it replaces the whole clause then that should work. However, it is not usually recommended to tinker with legal drafting as it can have unintended consequences.

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I’ve put the two new words they want in capitals:

8.8. If the Cash Deposit is insufficient the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord such additional sums as REASONABLY required to cover all costs, charges and expenses properly due within a period of 14 days from the end of the tenancy.

9.35. Not to KNOWINGLY do anything on the Premises which may invalidate any insurance of the Premises against fire or increase the ordinary premium for such insurance.

I wouldn’t bother adding these two words. All they do is increase ambiguity to the terms. Eg. What is defined as “reasonable” could be argued. What is done “knowingly” can also be argued. I can’t see the point in these changes. If the tenant insists and says it is a deal breaker then I would get a solicitor to review these first before making any changes. However the demand for rentals is high and I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other tenants who wouldn’t ask for these wording changes.

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Those 2 words will backfire on you. I suggest you remove them. Reasonableness is in any case implied into the process when talking about compensation for damage, but if you insert the word, any claim you later make will get bogged down in legal arguments about the definition.

If you insert the word knowingly, you will never be able to claim under that clause. Instead you could list the things that would invalidate the insurance from your policy documentation.

Let them walk away. Find another tenant.


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