Chicken and egg!

Dear Landlords,

You issued Section 21 to your tenant and they are looking for places. Your S21 is due to the issues that you are having with your tenants (e.g. damage to property, lack of maintenance etc). They start looking for new property. And you have been called for reference!!! What do you do? Shift the problem to another landlord! Or be honest and straight forward and hope that they leave somehow!!! I am gauging the referencing process and it’s worth in decision making. Thank you.

this is a common prob I guess I have never been asked for a reference as My tenants have been there for so long and have had great people. This is a job for your conscience

Personally I am prepared to be do the right thing but I haven’t been asked anyway as they probably moved to family property. But I am now thinking should I trust references I will be getting :wink:

I would not trust any reference Make your own enquiries from nearby neighbours if possible

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No wonder you have long standing tenants! I have lots to learn.

it is easy to make mistakes .At first i believed all I was told > quickley learnt that liars abound . But I did sprinkle in some commercial places so to spread risk. Nothing is 100% safe .I have a trade as a joiner so I have been blessed with never been out of a job and always had a means of income . I expect many landlords have other jobs. If rents are fair and tenants happy, always ask how they are coping how the family is etc. We will all get along fine

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Your objective is to get them out so just write something purely factual that won’t get you sued. e.g. “the tenant rented from me for 10 months”. Everyone knows that job and landlord references are garbage so don’t stress about it. They might get along better with the next landlord just because they have learned from the experience with you.


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