Choosing a tenant


I am new to OpenRent and about to create my first ad.

We are hopeful that we have several prospective tenants, and as the property is still occupied at present we intend to do block viewings to minimise inconvenience to our current tenants.

Could I have clarification please regarding the " Rent Now’ button?
Do landlords have the option of which tenant to accept before anyone presses the button -thereby potentially preventing the perhaps preferred tenant from applying if another applicant happens to view first ?

Just wondering how this is managed

Thank you !

You need one of the staff to answer. I await with interest

Hi Bev, thanks for sharing your situation on the Community. Happy to help.

After you have conducted your viewings, invite the tenant you would like to proceed with to press the Rent Now button on your listing. This will initiate the tenancy creation process.

Don’t worry about tenants who you do not want to apply pressing Rent Now. This is rare and if it does happen, then we email you right away (and text you if it is a sociable time of day to receive a text!), giving you the option to reject them in one click.

I hope that answers your question. Best of luck finding your tenants!

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