Communal area electric


I am the owner of a top floor flat (3 flats in the building) I also have a share of the freehold, each flat has its own electric meter, however the ground floor flats electric meter powers 2 communal hall lights, he wants £20 a year usage from the other 2 flats which I believe to be reasonable, however he wants to share his Daily Standing Charge £0.3042 a day or £111 a year between the 3 flats which I think is a little unreasonable.

Is that legal? Is that a little excessive as he only powers 2 communal lights?

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks.

excessive on standing charge… £20 ok. … dont give in… I have a couple of buildings in 3 flats on 3 floors… I put each landing on each flats wiring. so they all have a share. no landlords meter. In 20 years no problems

Two lights will barley use any electric if they are on time delay switches with LED bulbs so no to the standing charge I think £10 per flat is already quite a lot of very little power usage.