Company Name or Director (landlord) on Tenancy Agreement

Hello all

I am about to get my first tenant and am at the contract signing stage. The property is in a Company name. The Company has two directors (landlords).

I would have thought the “landlord name” on the contract is “Company Name” - but I’m guessing we both need to sign it (the directors) but then i would need to put both our names…

Which option should I choose? As this is legally binding I want to get it right. :grimacing:

Many thanks

Hi, great question! Important to get this right. We have a great page covering this issue here:

You’re right - both directors can sign the contract with their names.

We also have this blog post which might be informative:
- Company Lets: What Are They and How Are They Different?

Hi Sam

That’s perfect, thank you very much for this, we really appreciate it!

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Hi again

I want to put the recommended statement:

'[Signatory name] as [Position] on behalf of [Company name]’

However the Open Rent online contract states “Landlord First Name” and “Landlord Surname”

I thought I would put the above statement as the first name ([Signatory name] as [Position] on behalf of [Company name]) however you must enter a Surname - so I’m a bit stuck here. I’ve got a tenant wanting to move in on Sunday and really need to get it signed/deposit paid etc…

Many thanks

Maximum 50 letters per line also…

For anyone in the same situation I’ve done the following and it looks right on the contract:

Name: “(me) as Director on behalf of”
Surname: “(Company name)”

(then I added a second signatory the same way because we have two Directors)

Note I read that it’s important to put your Company name EXACT (spell Limited as “Limited” and not “Ltd” for example)

So on the contract it’s showing as “Me as Director on behalf of Company Name Limited” which looks OK to me and according to the help pages is a recommended format.

Obviously I’m not saying this is the right way - others may want to seek advice - but from what I’ve researched I believe this should be OK (cringes)