Joint or single landlord?

I wonder if a married couple jointly own a property, does it have to be the joint name in the tenancy agreement when signing openrent contract agreement? And advantage or disadvantage? Can one of the couple sign on behalf of both couples? Thanks

One person can sign on behalf of both

Many thanks Colin for this!

Dont foget to have a witness to the signing ,not related would be better

Advantage / disadvantage: if you both sign, both names to appear in the agreement, and both become equally responsible in meeting tenant needs and legal requirements.l

If one signs and one is named as landlord then only one is responsible. However, as you jointly own the house, you need each other’s agreement, but not necessarilly in writing. If you do put it in writing, I suggest two independant signatures.

In both cases, you need to notify your insurer and possibly your mortgage provider, but doubtful for the latter, who can forclose if you fail to meet mortgage payments repeatedly and then the tenant becomes their problem I think.

If you live in the property with the tenant, and they share kitchen and bathroon, etc., then tenancy laws do not apply: do what you like as far as I can tell!