Company threatening landlord over tenant liability

I’ve received a bill for securing my property after an apparent burglary last August. This is the first I have heard of the incident. Neither the tenant nor the Police informed me.
I have told the company they need to chase the tenant and have given them his details, but they are threatening to take me to court as the legal owner.
They state: “As the owner of the property you are responsible for the emergency securing of your property following a Burglary”.
I believe that my contract with the tenant means that he is liable for this, especially as I was not contacted by either him nor the police with regards to this.
I don’t want to be taken to court, but don’t see how it’s right that they chase me, simply because they have my contact details, which were given to them by the police, without my permission.
The tenant in question has done a runner owing me thousands of pounds, so if I pay this too I know I will never get it back. I believe they should be liable to chase him through the courts, not me.
I’d be grateful for any help/advice.

Call the NRLA or Anthony Gold (20 minutes is free) and ask for advice

The company are correct that this is a landlord responsibility. Building security is part of HHSRS. You should probably check with tenant/police that this is not some scam first. The tenant would not normally be liable for any costs related to a burglary unless they were somehow involved so I’m not sure what clause you have in your contract, but it may not be enforceable.

thanks for your responses. I knew nothing about this until 2 days ago, so I really don’t understand how I should be held responsible for the costs? I’m not a member of the NRLA so not sure they will talk to me. I looked up Anthony Gold but couldnt see anything on their webpage stating that, but will give them a call on monday to see. Thanks

It’s not good that the tenant didn’t even inform you of this as it may also have invalidated your insurance. We probably all need clauses in our TAs insisting tenants notify us of such things, although its unlikely it would have much effect.

The point is that if the tenant had notified you, this would have been a cost you would likely have had to bear anyway.