Tenant being targeted. Any advice?

My tenant’s have issues with someone targeting them, so far the front door locks and their car door locks have been glued 3 times and they’ve had a brick through the front window. They claim they have no idea why this is happening and quite frankly there are a few things that are not adding up with what they’re telling me. I’ve informed the police but it doesn’t seem like anything is going to get done. I’m not planning on renewing this tenancy for various reasons but it’s not up until next May and I’m just worried about things escalating between now and then.

The tenants are asking to put up a new taller fence around the house in an attempt to stop this but I don’t trust them to carry out the work correctly and If I were to do it I don’t really think it would deter whoever it is from doing this (especially as they could still glue the car locks or throw another brick through the upstairs windows)

I’ve never dealt with something like this before so I was wondering has anyone has experienced a similar situation or if anyone has any advice I’d greatly appreciate it, Thanks.

the solution rests with your tenants .They have done something to anger another person… You will not be able to solve it unless you see the culprit. Have you spoken to the neighbours ? they may tell you more than the tenants

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Yes, I believe so too. I recently allowed them to install their own security camera but they always seem to have excuses for camera faults/no memory in the memory card etc.

I’m going to talk to a few more neighbours and look into getting a better security camera up for the time being.

Thank you for the advice much appreciated!

I’m afraid that if I had suspicions that they were more involved than they’re saying, then it would be s21 at the earliest opportunity.


You could offer to surrender the tenancy for them so they can move on. Whether or not they will take you up on the offer is a different matter.


For Gods Sake : Stop this God Complex nonsense.

This is a police matter, you are not the police. You should not attempt to be the police. You are not qualified, and ultimately more likely to make it worse.

My advice, contact the Police. Then follow their advice

It could be that your tenants are being targeted, because they are YOUR tenants. (A disgruntled ex-tenant?). It could be someone used that address as a false address, and it has nothing to do with you or your tenants.

The point is you don’t know, so don’t make assumptions.

Sorry, I missed my point. If you suspect your tenants are lying, you can report that to the police too.
If they have lied to the Police, that is called wasting police time, and is a criminal offense.

If they have not, why not?

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Hi Lola,
I’m not sure if this is possible but maybe you could ask the police if they have received any complaints or “information about anyone or any illegal activity at your property and have you seen proof that the locks were actually glued or are they changing the locks due to other reasons. I only ask as the fact that they keep making excuses about not being able to get incidents caught on camera seems suspicious to me too and I’d be thinking have they just installed fake cameras to deter perpetrators? I’d also be concerned about why they want to build a fence so high that wouldn’t stop the things happening but rather give perpetrators the ability to do their damage without prying eyes. It could be that the neighbourhood is targeting them because they have genuine concerns about what’s going on, so I’d definitely canvas the neighbourhood if the police can not give you anything. Hope you get things sorted.

Serve section 21 as soon as you can. The drama as to who and why is not germane. Protect your property, protect your income do whats right for you.

You could fit a google pir camera to the front or a ring doorbell even. That way you can monitor on the web and if you want you could allow them access to the footage as well

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