Tenant behaviour


I got an email from the management company yesterday, who were contacted by the occupants of the flat next door.

Apparently my tenant had come home drunk, circa 2-3am, tried to break into the next door flat, and eventually spat and relieved himself outside the flat. Police were involved, but that is as much as I know.

As the occupants had requested that the management company help them with cleaning the flat, I am now getting charged I believe, for the cleanup.

I’m right in thinking I can pass this on to the tenant?

Also, it has only been 2 months into the world of being a landlord. Is this the shape of things to come? Is it really worth being a landlord?


You can certainly bill the tenant wether he pays is another matter. Why are they not sending him the bill.? If you pay then you are accepting liability for this and future behavour You are not responsible for his behavour You get good and bad tenants .Hope he gets better

Hi Bav,

I agree with Colin. I have no idea why you’d be responsible for the tenant causing damage to and trespassing on another property. Those sound like crimes – ones committed by your tenant. So why would you pay?

I’d personally be inclined not to pay any costs. Who is billing you exactly?


P.s. No I think this kind of thing is quite rare, although being a landlord will certainly throw surprises up quite regularly!

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No, don’t pay it is not your problem.
Inform the complainant via the letting agency to involve the local environmental health teams regarding the urine. EH will ask the complainant to complete a ‘diary’ of ‘offences’ ie urination and then issue a legal order to the ‘offender’ under which he can be taken to court by the environment agency if he carries on the behaviour.


Absolutely, don’t pay. You are not responsible for the anti-social behaviour of your tenant.
This does not have to be the shape of things to come either. There are far more good tenants out there than there are bad. I’ve been renting flats and bedsits for years and of 32 tenants over this time there are 2, maybe 3, who I would not want to have back.
Being a landlord is a good way to have an income, don’t allow one unpleasant person to put you off.


That’s horrible.
We haven’t had great experiences ourselves and trying to get out now because just can’t take the stress any more.
Would definitely be thinking of giving him his two months notice when you can and trying again.
That behaviour surely is way crossing the line.
What about when he gets drunk again?