Landlord who don’t reply

Hello there
I have been looking to move for a while now.
Have requested viewing with some landlords replying others no my even bothering.
Had been asked to placed a deposit on one property and not tell open rent
Me and my partner have enough of an income to rent the property but we’re turned away.
Others don’t even bother to reply had some who have allowed me to view when showing interest say oh we have others looking but will get back to you
Never do!
Getting extremely fed up with landlords on open rent.
I do understand the problem you have but there are honest people who do actually want to rent property and don’t leave it in a mess
Rant over

Perfectly normal. Deposits do not have to go through openrent. Openrent try to encourage as it keeps landlords paying and dependent. It’s not a requirement.

I always take deposits direct.

Very competitive market unfortunately, if struggling offer to give LL evidence you’re suitable when viewing. Look prepared, organised and keen (but not desperate)

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