Openrent Complaints

Generally speaking I like Openrent but when things go wrong the support is shambolic. Why is it so difficult to escalate a problem?

I booked some photos last Tuesday. You have uploaded the wrong ones twice. Address on the uploaded folder is correct both times but the pictures are not my property. And now you’ve just left me in limbo for nearly a week with no sign of a resolution. Could have had a week of viewings by now but instead the place is just sat there empty as no point advertising without pictures. Sort it out, please!

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Hi James36,

I am sorry to hear that.

We would like to resolve this for you so please get in touch on with the property address so that we can look into this further for you and ensure you get the correct pictures.

Kind regards,


I had my property listed on Open Rent nearly two weeks now and I have been chasing them to have the search for the property correctly listed as it is does not come up at all unless I put in my road name? who would be searching a property with a road name. I emailed and called several times to correct this but not a single reply so far. I came to Open Rent through a referral and was initially very excited.

Been through the info@openrent system already and didn’t get anywhere. Resolved it myself via the photographer. All it took was a phone call as I had his number, but really I shouldn’t be contacting him as I am your customer not his…