Comprehensive Credit Reference Checks

Do OpenRent credit reference checks affect a potential tenants credit score?

For example say a tenant has poor credit history, is the tenants score going to get worse as a result of a landlord making a credit reference check? So every time another landlord checks (comprehensive), the worse the tenants score becomes.

No. It’s not the score it’s having any ccjs that matters.


The score doesn’t reduce because of credit checks.

The hard credit checks are what lenders do, and are visible to other lenders and a lot of hard credit checks may affect someone’s ability to get credit.

But looking at someone’s credit record doesn’t change anything.

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Thanks Mr_T. I just want to confirm then that the ‘comprehensive credit reference checks’ undertaken by OpenRent are classed as soft checks and do not impact a potential tenants credit score. Can someone confirm pls.

As it’s not an application for a loan/credit it’s how I understand it.

Perhaps Open Rent staff can confirm for you.

Mrs T

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