Contact with openrent

I urgently need to obtain a copy of my DPS certificate (I’m a landlord). I’ve been calling Openrent and emailing constantly for 5 working days and each time the call centre says they will send an email to request the cert, but it never arrives. The supervisor today admitted the are just a front face and they have no means of contacting Openrent other than by email. So basically I call, they pass on a message and nothing happens. Both the DPS and my solicitor have advised that Openrent should just be able to download and forward the document. It’s at the point of costing me hundreds due to missed deadlines, but I’m at a loss as to what else to do. Does anyone have any ideas please? It’s been an absolutely appalling service from Openrent.

I thought this was emailed to us by openrent at the time its all paid… Have you checked your email archive?

I’ve just logged into my Openrent and in the tenancies section I appear to be able to download the Prescribed information. Is that what you need?

Hi Karl11 - I don’t seem to have the email from 6 years ago, not convinced I ever had it as I have emails going back over 10 years. OpenRent advised me to check the portal. I double checked the portal again and can confirm I only have the AST and a generic DPS ‘information’ leaflet, not a unique certificate, even though one of the ‘specialist’ suggested this would be adequate for my conveyancing lawyer.