Contacting OpenRent

My friend and I have been trying to contact OpenRent for days and haven’t got any responds! Is there an active contact number to call so we can receive an answer asap? :slight_smile:

They don’t tend to pick up the phone

Hello to you all,I’m looking to rent 1bed ground floor flat near town centre in clacton on sea Essex, this is for my son who is disabled, and been with his partner for 30yrs never been in trouble with rent, all bills are paid, but he has 2ccj, but he isn’t being chased for them he is paying them, but he doesn’t leave the house, and he’s leaving because he doesn’t want the children to be disrupted from school n work,I have gone to council, and there advice was come of the rent book, then you get someone else say you’ve made yourself homeless, and MPS haven’t got back to me, every place I’ve phoned up won’t take him on cos of ccjs this is so unfair, they happened when they lived in the flat, then got a house, while he was in the operating having surgery on his back, so you can imagine wot chaos they were in, with him coming out of hospital, and having to move, wen it all came to light, they had no problem sorting these bills out,I know I’m waffling on but I’m worried about him, his partner was his full time carer, and he’s very very low, he suffers from depression I’d just like some one to help him and me to get him a place, he has the deposit and rent put aside, he just needs someone to believe in him. Please please can you help me