Corporate lets - the latest scam?

Why am I getting so many of these requests? I’ve been doing this long enough not to be tempted and of course I say it clearly in my advert. Is it just the latest scam? We’re in an area with high demand but not many genuine applicants- is it just the time of year…?

I have had 3 such enquiries since advertising in December. I am not familiar with them but have refused each time. As I see it, it is a form of subletting which my buy to let mortgage does not permit. Likewise each of the tenants under the Open Rent Guarantee Scheme needs to credit reference each of the occupants over 18, so going through a Corporate Let would take that out of my hands and I would not know who was living there. Also if the Corporate Letting Agent goes bust, then what!! I just feel you have less control.

Maybe others may enlighten me as to whether in principle it is fine or not.

I’ve been letting through Open Rent on and off for about7 years and this is the first time I have had such enquiries. Not many “real enquiries”, yet there is a scarcity of 4 bed detached house with garden available within a 5 miles radius.

So strange times indeed.

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