Third Party Agents

Hi There,

Can anyone advise please - I have been contacted by a third party ‘acquisition agent’ that has said they are looking to relocate a working family that has been pre-vetted through Help2Rent with rent guarantee underwritten by Rentgaurd.

This sounds a bit fishy to me, but I am new to OpenRent so not sure if this is legit or some kind of scam?


Dont touch with a barge pole


Sounds like a limited company looking for your consent to sub let
They do look after the properties well

Ensure you use the right contract for this

What if they put in tenants from a group that you dont want?

The contract they agree will determine that
As the owner he can decide on what type of tenants and include that on the contract and the agent has to stick to that or they and breaching the contract

they may put in a tenant they are finding hard to place .I will wrap up and post my barge pole to you I hope you have a long hallway behind your letterbox… google in their method of working .If you can SEE and TALK to the proposed tenant I will eat a big cake and enjoy it. Something like this question has been posted and I remember the replies from landlords that have gone down this route

Nope, I would not be doing that

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Hi Joe, if you suspect that someone is using OpenRent who shouldn’t be, then you can report their account to our team from the messaging screen, and we’ll then investigate.


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I have recently had two of a similar request. One blatantly told me they are doing rent to rent but offering me a guaranteed income. I declined their offer to sub-let my property and terminated their enquiry.

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I’m with Colin and many others on this. No way.

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Google rent to rent scam to see what can go wrong before deciding