Could Open Rent partner with Shelter?

Ultimately Open Rent is here to make a profit?
In the past I have used their very competitively priced landlord rent insurance.
Would it be possible you could persuade Shelter to spend some of their 80 million pound income
paying for rent insurance to give landlords a degree of confidence to rent to what landlords perceive as “high risk” tenants.
Shelter, continually assure us these tenants are good tenants so if they are right there will be very few claims.
This would enable OpenRent to offer low premiums and a massive bulk discount.
Open Rent make more profit ,more people are housed,landlords embrace the tenants that they currently fear.
Win win for all concerned!
Is this too straightforward?
Please let me know the flaws.
It’s time for Shelter to actually get involved in housing people and stop sniping from the sidelines.
Come on Polly not everyone has a massive salary and lovely London pad like you!
Try housing some people in a sustainable way.
Or would you rather spend your cash on lawyers and ‘advice’ ?

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Hi Jim,

We’ve always thought that there should be insurance policies available to landlords with a diverse range of tenants, not just those who pass referencing. The creation of such a policy would go a long way towards making such tenants appear less risky to landlords, ultimately improving both’s experience of the sector.

We’re doing some work to try and make this happen, but insurance is a highly regulated industry, so there’s only so much OpenRent can do by itself. This is something we’re interested in, however, and we may be able to work something out one day!

Shelter do some great work for tenants in terms of offering detailed housing advice to vulnerable tenants.

If you are interested in supporting charities which actually build houses, then I’m sure there are some fantastic ones out there, but I’m not able to point you towards any specific organisations.

Historically, local authorities took the lead on building homes, but lending restrictions have made that nearly impossible since the 80s.

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Hi Sam

Thanks for the very diplomatic and measured reply,I am still of the opinion that the leading housing charity
does not do enough to actually house people.Detailed housing advice, which mainly consists of "stay in the property rent free " is not good enough.
Ultimately Shelter need to have a total rethink of their policies and look for sustainable ways to eradicate homelessness.Telling tenants to bleed landlords dry through the courts is not helping the situation.


Jim maybe go on Shelter’s social media channel and ask them on there.

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Dont give shelter the time of day, they will never be on the landlords side. ever

Of course they won’t I am trying to paint them into a corner by constantly offering them reasonable solutions.
Until they are forced to admit they just hate private landlords and all housing should be free.

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People of course need affordable homes. The local councils used to provide this. Then startedto sell them off cheaply??? Then sell / give the rest to Housing associations not even at market prices.??? The directors of these H A paid a very good salary. The tenants struggle to get the repairs done( I have first hand experience of this as a landlord and a builder}So are H A s the answer? people on low wages need cheaper rents and homes. But the housebuilders get more profit out of bigger houses. Therefore another problem You can get a tenant who has regulary paid the rent but cant get a mortgage for a modest property at the same amount as the rent, this is obviously not fair.If open rent joined with Shelter you would lose a proportion of landlords and maybe an enterprising landlord would start a letting scheme like openrent!