Landlords insurance

Hi All

Please can anyone recommend which company to renew comprehensive landlords insurance for buildings & contents fir 2 bedroom semi-detached property?

Shop around. Use insurance broker like

Alan Boswell group or uinsure

I believe there are more brokers out there

Get quote from different insurance brokers and go with the cheapest.

Brokers run quotes from different insurance providers and give recommendation

Seems to be a couple of posts about landlord insurance lately. We’ve partnered with a panel of insurers to try and provide landlords with the most competitive and comprehensive insurance product in the market:

I couldn’t see it mentioned, so wondering if anyone has any feedback on OpenRent’s Insurance offering? We’d be glad to pass that feedback onto our insurers, and as usual use the combined power of all OpenRent landlords to get everyone the best possible deal.

Any comments / thoughts let me know - even if it’s just to say you didn’t know OpenRent could provide insurance!

I tried to obtain a quote for Landlords insurance following the link in your email. After spending time completing the on-line form it was frustrating to learn that I couldn’t be offered a final quote and would instead have to contact the company by telephone! Really disappointed as I expected better from Open Rent?Theres nothing complicated or unusual about my rental - very straightforward.

Needless to say I won’t be wasting more time following this up…

Thanks anyway


For landlord insurance see Landlord insurance reviews and advice - Which?

Also try Insurance Broker - Price Beater Guarantee by Alan Boswell Group: application email is at with their guarantee for new applicants at Landlord Insurance Price Guarantee | Alan Boswell Group

Also try the one who sends me reminders every other week: LandlordZONE subscriber you’re eligible for a 20% discount off our award-winning landlord insurance. Just use code LZ2021. Call us on 0800 63 43 880 or, get a quote online in under 4 minutes.

I am not with any of the above. Mine is with Vasek through my broker at

Good luck

Hello @Daz I did try quotation from open rent a while ago. There wasn’t much difference with what I got from insurance broker - however I decided NOT to go with openrent’s quotation because

  1. There is no clarity on what’s being insured - at least provide policy wording so we know what’s covered and what’s not covered - employer liability , accidental damage, sim insured, empty property, etc
  2. Provision to add landlord content insurance
  3. Provision to add landlord home emergency cover
  4. Provision to add legal assistance

Personally, when I take landlord insurance , I don’t want to start searching for home emergency and legal assistance elsewhere, I’d like to take them together as I find it much easier that way.

I think you need to expand your quotation forms and give the option to add/remove certain parts

Thanks for the feedback @princeCharles and @Jacqueline_Bernadett, that’s super useful. I’ll pass this onto the team and hopefully we can improve going forward.

Any other comments/feedback, do keep them coming!

I use Endsleigh brokers. Have done for 20 years. Always had good quotes and good service.

Try MoreThan, I’ve found them very competitive