Covid 19 contract expires June, 1 tenant left. advise

Please help. My situation as Landlord.I am looking for advise.

I rent my house to 4 adults. Contract finishes June 8.

One Tenant is currently left in the house as other have or are returning to home countries.

Tenant would like to stay, but cannot afford rent.

Local council have emailed to say tenant cannot be evicted for 3 months.

I have Rent guard insurance which I am about to renew.

Question if the tenant stays on for 3 months will Rent guard cover the remaining £1400 monthly rent with Open rent monthly rolling contract?

Thank you for your feedback

Hi Dominic, I recommend speaking to Rent Guard directly as they will be able to give you more direct answers about how their policies work.


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Hello I am in the same position. I rent my flat out to 2 adults, 1 of whom went back to his home country on 19th december. The remaining tenant cannot afford the rent on his own and wants me to half it then he will be happy to stay for a few more months but only on a rolling monthly contract as he is unsure of his current working arrangement. Please advice on what I should do


I would doubt they would cover this Dominic2. I think most RGI providers have exempted most covid related claims.

Was this a joint contract or individual room only? Did the outgoing tenants give you a valid Notice to Quit and leave properly? Does your HMO need a licence, (I’m not sure if rent guarantee insurance asks for evidence of this but other insurers might)?

Thank you for responding. I did not renew the contract but got in new tenants using a self made video viewing. I was surprised to see how active the rental market still is.