Tenancy renewal issue

Hey all. I’ve been with OR for 12 months. Everything’s been perfect and my tenant (found and signed upon through OR) has been perfect thus far. It’s now time to renew the tenancy for a further 12 month contract, which he expressed he wants to go ahead with. The problem is that now I’ve set it all up to be signed he’s gone quiet (no contact in 4 weeks, though rent was paid on time) . I’m going gentle so far but in 2 weeks the tenancy and guarantor run out and I’m not sure how to handle things correctly. I’d like to renew, but I’ve got the feeling he’s about to drop an “I can’t afford my rent this month due to covid 19” line on me, which would leave me up the creek with no rent protection. Any ideas as to how to proceed would be much appreciated.

If you are concerned about future ability to pay rent then why are you insisting on a new 12 month tenancy. Just let the tenancy continue into a periodic tenancy. In a periodic tenancy you can evict the tenants a lot sooner. With a new 12m tenancy signed, it might take 10 to 12m to evict them.

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Hi Son. Thank you for your input. You make a good point, and letting the chips fall where they may is something I’ve considered of course. Having said that the tenancy has been perfect up until now, and all rent has been paid on or before the due date each month and he set up a guarantor contract who cover the rent for the twelve months. The contract lapses on the 4th of May 2020 and if no new contracts and agreements are signed then the rent isn’t covered. I either need to firmly push for a new 12 month tenancy agreement with a renewed guarentor scheme set up, or give him notice to leave (which is not my preference and leaves me more exposed to possible rent default). I suspect the tenant is worried about his job and income but would like to stay in the property so maybe I could work with him on how best to get through the next couple of months until things become more stable and clear for all of us. I’m just not quite sure how best to manage doing this and how much longer to wait until making further contact. I’m sure some would think I’m being niave in my soft approach but pushing too hard at this point may tip things the wrong way, at which point I either end up with a vacant property in a time where viewings are almost impossible (best case scenario) or I inherit a non-conversant non paying tenant who wont work with me to resolve things.

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i’m not sure you have picked up on what son is saying. it automatically defaults into a periodic tenancy which is month to month. that was good advice. if he doesnt pay give notice . did you know a tenant can leave on the last day of a contract without giving notice btw?

Just for clarity, what did you mean by writing “guarantor run out” and “a renewed guarentor scheme set up”? Did you mean “rent guarantee”? If it was a guarantor that you meant, please enlighten me as to what kind of scheme that is.

Guarantor responsibilities still apply whether the tenant(s) have left or not.

Rent guarantee applies as long as the policy in place, and does not end when the tenant leaves, unless that is the policy renewal date and you did not renew it.