COVID19 - Different Rent offer

Hello All,

Hope you are all safe.
I have a listing placed for my house. When listing I had posted the house for rent for £1200 including bills.
Due Covid 19 situation they wanted me consider reducing the rent as they get 80% less salary now.

So I am changing to below can you please let me know does any have sample AST wording for the same where I can tell different rent amount for different periods and also how can I manage rent on OpenRent for different period for same agreement?

Deposit: £1100
Rent: Does not include bill anymore.
£1000 for first 3 months
£1100 after that for remaining 9 months


why are you including bills in the first place. is it an HMO? Do you mean council tax, water ,gas and electric ? If so 100 does not seem enough and why burden yourself with their bills anyway/

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I was including just electric+gas and water bills only.
With new agreement I am not including bills for entire period now.

thats good I dont pay any of the bills i mentioned at all, ever, never, if something goes wrong you will be in the frying pan. That means you are paying council tax? Do not burden yourself with this . if something goes wrong the council will come to you for rectification


Thanks Colin for guidance.

But how can I word the different rent amount in the agreement? And how will OpenRent collect different amounts in their system?

no doubt openrent will contact you tomorrow Sam and the others are pretty good in this regard.

Hi Vinjoy, here is some advice on how to agree a rent reduction during.


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One more question.

Does Landlord insurance + RGI give best/most cover? Or do I need to look external insurance provider for that matter?

Don’t know. Let us know when you find out!