1st Month rent amount


I’m new to be a landlord and to using the OpenRent platform - it appears to be great so far.

I have one question though & I’m not sure if this is the correct forum, maybe somebody can help me.

I have received the 1st months rent from OpenRent (10days after the tenant moved in) but it appears to be £49 less than the tenant paid is there a reason for this?

That doesn’t seem right. Have you emailed OpenRent? Did you use Rent Now to set up the tenancy ? That is a strangely specific amount to be short.

Advertising and referencing would come to £49. Is it that?

I couldn’t find an email address for OpenRent hence why I put it on here, thanks for your help I think it was the advertising and reference costs being deducted, I thought I’d paid that separately but maybe not

If you use the Rent Now feature (which costs £49) you would normally pay that upfront when you add a listing.
Did your payment bounce or something like that ?

There is a help centre which I have used a few times and got replies within 24 hours. Try that.

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