Creating New Tenancy (Referencing not required)

I am planning to rent my property to one family (husband, wife and child) and a friend of them (4 tenants in total). I know all of them and where they are working etc. Also, two of them are my current tenants.

So, I am not planning to do any referencing.

I am looking to put them all on a single 12 months tenancy.
Can anyone please tell me how I can do the documentation using OpenRent?

Hi George123,

The first thing I want to say is that unless I’m mistaken you will be here generating a HMO.
I’m no expert on HMO’S partly because non of my properties are HMO’S, but I’d look into this very carefully before you moved forward. A HMO is generated when three unrelated people share the same facilities within a property, I.E. bathroom and kitchen.
There are extra concerns to be taken into consideration and depending on location possibly licensing issues.

Since I’m the first person who has replied to your query I hope others also add comments before you proceed. It would be good to hear from a HMO landlord or two or at least someone a little more experience than myself.


Mike is quite correct. The property will be an HMO and subject to the full HMO Management Regulations plus the requirement for a fire safety assessment. If its located in a borough that has introduced an Additional Licensing scheme, then it will also need an HMO licence and will have to meet additional requirements. One of those requirements is likely to be that all tenants are referenced.

Before you go any further with this, I suggest you check the Council website and get some advice on what would be required to make the property an HMO. You should also check that your insurance will cover HMOs and if you have a mortgage, whether the lender will allow it.

As far as I am aware the local council is happy with upto 4 unrelated people without an HMO license.
In my case the tenants will be husband, wife, infant and wife’s friend.
So, I do not require an HMO license. I will check with the council.

Yes, best to check as Councils introduce Additional Licensing schemes all the time and often without much fanfare.

The other legal requirements for an HMO still stand

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