Deposit before viewing property

Can the Landlord ask for a deposit before viewing the property?

I assume you are advertising via open rent. I also assume you meant holding deposit.

So, can you request holding deposit before arranging viewing ? If that’s the question , I’d it makes no difference. If you conduct viewing and don’t like the tenant, you would return the deposit. Also if the tenant views the property and thinks it’s not worth the rent, the deposit will be demanded and you will return it.

So, what’s the point requesting it before viewing? Also, what would you do if after viewing you decide to go with a different tenant- maybe someone who you trust better, someone whose story you connect with, someone from your “village”, someone why shares your religious belief, I mean someone you know and can’t refuse ?

I usually conduct viewing first before asking for holding deposit. Others may think different

He can ask for anything … but I would not pay anything before a viewing if I were a tenant .Too risky

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Thanks for your reply
It happened to me this Landlord kept asking me for deposit before viewing and it didnt felt right.

Thanks,for your reply Im a tenant
The landlord kept asking me for a deposit before viewing which didnt felt right at all

he / she could ask for a deposit off several people at the same time … Money is hard enough to come by without losing it to a possible scam.


Hi @Irene6

All properties listed on OpenRent go through a number of checks before we accept them. However, unfortunately, no checking process is 100% reliable.

If you have any concerns about a property you see on OpenRent please make sure you either use the Report Listing button (available on each listing on the OpenRent website) or contact our customer support team and give us the reference number of the property and a summary of your concerns.

Any report that we receive is fully reviewed by our approvals team so that we can take any further action, if necessary.

Thank you
The Landlord it’s under investigation.
Thank you for you quick action