Tenant not viewing the property

Hi, just looking for some advice really, this is my first time using OpenRent.

I had a prospective tenant submit a deposit immediately after contacting me. They hadn’t arranged a viewing or even seen an online video.

I declined the deposit and said they should really see the place, at least online, first. So I sent them a video and they still want to take it. To be honest, the video isn’t great and it doesn’t look as good as it normally does - current tenants have a lot of stuff. So I expected some questions. But no, they’re still keen.

Has anyone experienced this? Tenant not interested at all in seeing the place and VERY keen. They’re living with their parents and said they’ve been looking at the building where my flat is for a while - hense why they’re so keen. But I don’t think properties in the building are that rare. This all seems a little funny to me. Not sure I’d rent anywhere, and even submit a deposit, without seeing the place or even speaking to the landlord.

Anyone got any experience of this?

Thank you

Personally I would want to view them and ask questions regardless of whether they wanted to view the property.
If I couldn’t view them in person for any reason I’d want someone to view them for me.
Do you live near the flat and normally conduct the viewings yourself?

NEVER go along with this sort of tenant. They HAVE to view .you have to SEE them


Before you go further let them know you need to see bank statements employers reference and they require a guarantor
see if that tempers the mood
How old are they?
Why are they still living with parents?
Have they lived away from home?
are you going to have to babysit them as they don’t know how to live alone etc

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Thanks everyone. I would definitely want to see them first. But I guess alarm bells are ringing that they don’t want to view it themselves! Very fishy. I have declined the deposit and I think I am going to decline them completely - even if they’re happy to meet. They told me where they work and there is no such website.

I asked about a reference from previous landlord and they said they are currently living at home, and before that have always had mortgages with previous partners. Sort of believable but also a little convient.

I am a little apprehensive about finding a tenant myself but I’ve always had issues with the ones estate agents find so think I will actually be able to find a more reliable one myself. Everyone find OpenRent OK?

Thanks, Kate

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I’ve just had the same, and explained to them part of the viewing is also a short interview with myself… Guess what they never showed up for the viewing. Another one said I used to live a couple of houses down the road so know what it is like. That was a 3 bed mine is a 4 bed extended property, so nothing alike. You have to be happy with them.

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Thanks Wendy, you are so right. And I am getting lots of interest so I don’t know why I was even considering it really.

I asked the guy where he worked then I couldn’t find the company he said. I told him this and he sent some extremely dubious-looking website through. Fuzzy logo, the works.

I rejected him via the portal and he emailed me on my personal address with heaps of stuff (but nothing conclusive) and even suggested I go on Facebook!

Very shady. He’s THAT desperate but doesn’t want to view the place. You’re so right that the viewing is a two way interview.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.