Tenants rushing to pay deposit without viewing

I have a potential tenant trying to rush me into signing them up.

They’re offering the deposit up-front without viewing the property.

Obviously they will need to pass the referencing checks and I have vetted the tenant before deciding.

Can anyone see something ‘unusual’ with this?

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without viewing ? sounds desperate.I would tell them not to do it . If a tenant was asking saying the landlords wants a deposit before i view, I would say do not do it . Nomatter what sort of a deposit it is classed as

I had this to, he said he was on holiday and wanted the house. I declined the tenant, My gut instinct was something dodgy going on!


don’t do it. once they have paid you they can then come up with all kinds of ways that make it hard for you to refund the money. then they will start changing things like how many people will live there, in fact in some cases these people are agents and they will arrange for someone else entirely to rent the flat.
everything has to be done according to your schedule. you need to keep the power from day one.


In caution safety in haste repentance, go one by one


Pushy tenants now means they’ll be a pain later.
They turned up to view without booking an appointment and left without getting inside.
They expect me to sing to their tune and drop everything!
Definitely not good tenants


Wow they just turned up without an appointment? That’s definitely odd. How did they get the address? Anyway, I think you’re doing the right thing not accepting these tenants.


The tenant was given the address and told to give 1 hour notice before coming.

They just turned up without warning, and couldn’t get a viewing as I wasn’t there.



I always add this note in my listing.

“Please DO NOT click the Rent Now green button until you have viewed the property and received an agreement from me beforehand. Otherwise, your offer and deposit will be rejected and no other offers will be accepted from you”


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