Deposit taken but not showing on openrent profile

Hey I am really hoping someone can help me.
I paid a £414.00 deposit for a property via the “RENT NOW” button. The money left my account but I didn’t receive an email to say my deposit was taken and when I go back to the profile of the property I sent the deposit for I have to do the process again when the money was already taken.
I’ve also called my bank to confirm this. I called open rent but the automated service is jarring and no help.

Can someone please help me?

Hi @Aleasha -

I can see you also contacted our customer support team yesterday (Sunday), who will be in touch shortly with guidance. They operate Mon-Sat, from 9am-6pm.

Having said that - I can’t see any payment from yourself to OpenRent. It looks like you attempted payment, but it failed due to the address provided not matching the address your card is registered to. You are welcome to try again, but our customer service team will also be in touch if you wanted to discuss further.

Thank you. My card didn’t decline the payment was taken and was sat in pending and I’m not sure why. But the money was returned to me. Thank you for looking into this.

Kind Regards,


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