Help, tenant says deposit placed but not showing!

a tenant says he has tried to place a deposit on saturday and sunday but its not showing on my open rent page any ideas anyone?

Hi Elizabeth,

I’m sorry to hear they have been having difficulties with placing a deposit. The system is working fine otherwise, so we advise the following steps:

  • Return to the relevant page on a different device/browser:

  • Ensure that they have ticked both the relevant boxes on the page that require confirmation.

  • Ensure that any additional fields for extra tenants have been removed, and that they have entered a proposed move-in date.

  • Check that they are using the correct card payment type (i.e. UK debit card).

  • If their card details aren’t accepted they should try to make the payment again, double-checking that all the details are correct.

  • In particular, if the postcode isn’t accepted, make sure that there isn’t any other address that the card could be registered to.

  • Contact their bank to see if they are blocking the payment for any reason.

  • Try using a different card to make payment, if they have one available.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, please ask the tenants to contact us with as many details of the issue as possible and provide a screenshot of any errors where possible so we can look into this further.

Kind regards,

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