Disabled Rent collection

I have rented out my property for the first time. Open Rent have collected the first months rent and deposit but I am not taking up rent collection. My question is does Open Rent automatically give my bank details to the tenants for them to set up a standing order for subsequent rent or do I have to provide this information to the tenants myself?

Thanks in advance


You can choose to use OpenRent to collect your monthly rent or to handle future rent payments directly with the tenants.

There’s more information about our Rent Collection service here:


And you can enable the service here by going to the appropriate tenancy page, clicking ‘View Rent Collection Service’, and then selecting ‘Enable Rent Collection’:


Alternatively, if you prefer have the tenants pay you directly, we share your bank details with the tenants securely via the website and suggest that they set up a standing order. You can see the details we have on file here:


As the future rent payments are a significant part of the ongoing tenancy, if you are collecting the rent directly there is no harm checking in with the tenants to ensure that they are clear on your expectation(s) for future rent payments.