Rent payment direct to me


I gave my tenants my bank account details and they’ve transferred the rent to me directly… but openrent have emailed and stated that they should send their rent to them.

Is this okay or how can I make sure openrent dont bother them?


You are the landlord. If they give you cash ,give them a rent book. If they put into your bank account direct., great. You do not have to do this thru anyone else. They can ignore anyone else but you. If I Get an unwanted email I spam it.

Hi Alisha, if you have enabled our Rent Collection service for this tenancy, but don’t want it, then you can turn if off from your OpenRent account dashboard. This will stop us from contacting your tenant.

If you do want to continue using Rent Collection, but took this as a one-off payment, then you can add the payment our website.

Email if you need assistance with this.