Discussion: 6 months Minimum Tenancy rule

Hey everyone
I have been looking for a share-house room in Handsworth, Birmingham few days ago and almost every ad has a 6 month tenancy rule. Many landlords can not negotiate that, and stick with the 6 months. Why there is no option to display the notice period within the ad itself. This make it easier to navigate the options. Have you been able to rent for a shorter period despite the 6 months minimum tenancy ? and do you discuss the notice period before renting ?

Most rental periods are six months because insurers mandate it.
This is an industry norm, hence why it is not displayed.
If you want a shorter let I suggest you find accommodation willing to accommodate which may be more expensive eg airbnb.
You may need widen your search to longstay hotels.

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do you recommend discussing the notice period before renting ? I believe there should be an exit. I mean giving 1 month notice will be enough to exit the contract and move out.

The notice period will be documented in your contract
They are usually a month at the end of a fixed term but may be two at the end of a periodic

@najeb3 6 months is the legal minimum period of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). Anything shorter than 6 months is a short term let. As A_A says you’ll need to be looking at different sites to OpenRent

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