Do you need to give 6 months notice, on a 6 month tenancy?


My current tenants are leaving and I live abroad, so I am trying to rent out my place. I’d like to rent out my property for only 6 months, as I’m trying to move back to the UK and therefore to my flat.

However, I have been reading on the government website that you must give your tenants 6 months notice now, instead of the 2 because of COVID. Does this mean that I must serve my tenants notice on the day they move in, even if they’re only on a 6 month contract? Or can I agree in writing, that the tenancy will end on this date at the end of 6 months?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It’s a bit risky
You can’t serve notice at the beginning of a tenancy. It’s illegal.
If they don’t leave you are looking at 12-18 months minimum to get your home back.
If I were you I would cut your losses

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Can I suggest that you don’t even consider renting out your place while you’re away. You are clearly not an experienced landlord and you could get into a lot of trouble. Even the smallest error can cost you thousands of pounds or even a prison sentence. Your flat is also unlikely to be available to you on your return.

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