Do I need to do EICR?

Good evening all,

Hoping you can advise me.
In 2013 I had the whole electric board replaced with new one (not sure if I’m using right terminology) and have certificate for this.
My tenants moved in 2014. Since then I have had no electrical checks done at the property. The tenancy went into a rolling one from 2015 and tenants still there.

Question is do I need to get a EICR done now? Also I read it had to be done by April 2021 for all tenancies so could this get me into trouble?

get it done now and yesterday

Thanks I will do, just worried I may get into trouble for not doing it before 2021. I’m upto date with gas certificates just don’t know how I forgot about electrical ones!

just get it done quick ,nothing you can do about it now

I am booking it in asap but just want peace of mind that it can’t affect me going forward especially considering that I want to serve eviction notice to my tenants.

Just checked the blog on open rent and it states:
The second EICR deadline:1st April 2021
The above rules have applied to all tenancies since 1st April 2021. This means landlords must ensure they have an EICR performed for all their properties in England, and then serve the tenants with a copy of the report within 28 days. Work must be performed if the report recommends it.

Therefore although the heading is clear the description below sort of contradicts is saying the rule applies to all tenancies SINCE 1st April which to me doesn’t mean the deadline is 1st April but that I all landlords need to do it now. :woman_shrugging:

We have an article on EICR rules here:

But yes - existing tenancies do need to have an EICR, so you would need to order one ASAP. OpenRent alerted all our landlords to this at the time, but if you’re new to OpenRent, then suggest signing up to our newsletter at least to keep you updated with any legal changes (and other landlord news):

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What are the consequences if you dont have one? You can still evict a tenant without a EICR.

Yes, the absence of an EICR will not affect the validity of a s21 notice.

Hi. You couldn’t provide a link confirming it, could you? Also, do I understand it correctly that EPC has expired while T is in situ, LL doesn’t have obligation to renew it in case they plan to evict T?
Thank you.

There are financial penalties (currently up to £30k) which a tenant could simply report you for (given you have to supply them the report to comply).

But further than this, if there was for example a fire at your property caused by a faulty electrical installation, you would be held responsible. This can lead to well beyond a fine, with potential for a prison sentence.

We wouldn’t expect anyone to look at ways to circumvent this legal requirement, and doing so can have grave consequences for both yourself and your tenants.


Yes you need a satisfactory EICR .

This is correct - EPC valid before occupation - It can expire when section 21 served

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